Best Friend Tincture Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Ahiflower™ oil 750MG for Pets over 20 lbs (25mg per 1ml dropper)

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Best Friend Tincture Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Ahiflower oil 750MG for Pets over 20 lbs 25mg per 1ml dropper

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    great products

    Posted by Eileen Squiers on Jul 14th 2021

    you always have great products but I've asked this before: HOW DO I USE MY REWARD POINTS?????

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    not sure yet

    Posted by Eileen on Apr 21st 2021

    only been this oil to my 120 lbs Newfy for 3 weeks. will have to wait to see if it will relieve her arthritis pain

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    Cbd for dogs

    Posted by Michael on Apr 6th 2021

    This product works great it allows me to manage my dogs inflammation and pain while not relying on prescription drugs that have potential harmful side effects and require regular blood work to make sure our pups aren't getting something they shouldn't. This product is also amazing because the added omega vitamins which again support their joints, and reduce inflation. Thank you gnome serum for the amazing product that helps our dogs feel comfortable and healthy.

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    gnome serum for stimulus reactive dog

    Posted by becca on Apr 5th 2021

    our senior dog is stimulus reactive - meaning anything new in the house excites him and it is hard for him to adjust/chill. when we got a new puppy almost two years ago we started using the gnome best friends cbd so he'd relax - it helped tremendously. we now use it intermittently for excitable situations. when he started to get a little arthritis we tried using the gnome on a regular basis for the stiffness, but it didn't seem to work as well for joint pain/stiffness - so for us it's really used for a calming function

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    Hoping this works!!!

    Posted by Eileen Squiers on Mar 19th 2021

    only been giving to my dog for 3 days now. will have to wait and see as times goes on. sure hope this will help her lameness from arthritis. do you have any more coupon codes?? I need to order more CBD oil for myself. thanks.

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    Best Friends Echium Oil 750 mg

    Posted by Theresa L. on Dec 29th 2018

    I am crediting a large portion of my terminally ill dog’s comfort and longevity to the oil. His prognosis was 3-4 months. At 5 months I thought we were nearing the end and I just wanted to make him more comfortable and maybe buy a little time. A couple weeks maybe was my thought. The improvement was dramatic. Even the vet was impressed. We went from waking every two hours all night long to sleeping through the night again. Now it is 24 months later (yes, 2 YEARS!) and he still is chasing squirrels and has not had to go on opiods, just the doggy equivalent of ibuprofen, to control his pain. He’s still eating well with no stomach issues (one of the side effects of mast cell cancer is stomach acid refux/upset). We are up to 10 drops in the morning and evening (he’s a 60 lb gordon setter). Besides controlling the symptoms caused, there has been no treatment of the disease itself. I wasn’t going to put a 12 yo dog through massive surgery and/or chemo and radiation. I resigned myself to just keeping him comfortable (quality over quantity). I never dreamed that he would last this long. I am so glad I found Gnome Serum and it worked so well. I tell everyone about it. I appreciate that the lab results are available for perusal and that the entire business is transparent. You are setting the bar for quality and standards. Thank you for all you do.

Give your cat or dog the calming benefits of full spectrum hemp extract. Easy-to-administer tincture contains a careful formulation of full spectrum hemp extract along with Omega-3 from the nutrient-rich Ahiflower® and no more than 0.3% THC. No flavorings or additives.

Once daily, for pets over 20 lbs, administer 1 dropper (25mg/mL) each day.  Store in a cool, dry place

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Ahiflower® Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.